Sunday, May 26, 2013

When we were at Arches...

When I was at arches I had my 7th birthday. I had my two front teeth lost. I had rainbow cake and it tasted yummy. I saw my grandma and grandpa. Sometimes it is really hot there. We stayed in a tent. Well sometimes we stay in a cabin! I slept upstairs.
My dad saw a lizard and my dad caught it and he helped my Uncle Sean catch one too. And they caught one. We brought the lizard home and we feeded it crickets. The crickets were green. Our lizard is a blue belly. We named it Destrie. It was very scared when we caught it.

Sunday, April 14, 2013


Why is Taya such a good friend?
because shes nice and pretty
What do we like to play together?
We like to play school. She likes being the teacher.
We like playing dress up too and babies.
What I miss the most...
it makes me sad when we move because she's my best friend...

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

On Chrismis Day

On Crismis day Santa brot us presents.Mom was opening the crtins.Mom  saw  dog toys .she brot  tham in side.I herd a  bork.I opend  the grog and ther was a dog staeding write ther.
 We brought her inside. There was a funny costume on her! I was excited to see her. And we saw a list in the dog toys. We read the list. It said her name was Kiera. We noticed that she loved water and food. She drinks all the water. Her ears are really big. She's all black. I really wanted a little puppy, but Santa got me a big puppy instead. Well, I guess I won't have any of that little puppy. I still like puppies, that's good.

We take good care of her. I love Kiera. The End.